Bern Sovereign Couture



Handmade Collection

Featuring Laurent, a toe cap oxford, handcrafted in Spain.

Every pair is meticulously handcrafted by artisan shoemakers with a rich history of shoe making, resulting in comfortable, durable and timeless pieces. 

The Goodyear Welt construction involves the stitching of the welt, to the insole and through the upper leather of the shoe. A thin layer of cork - to prevent water from seeping into the shoes, will then be attached onto the underside of the insoles. Lastly, the leather outsole will be placed on top of the layer of cork, and hand-stitched to the welt. Therefore, with proper care, our handmade collection guarantees a pair of carefree shoes that will last throughout the years.

P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S
Upper Lining: French Calfskin
Inner Lining: French Calfskin
Insole: French Calfskin
Outsole: Leather
Construction: Goodyear Welted

K E E P   M E   C L E A N 
With a soft brush, preferably made of horsehair, gently brush the dirt away. 
It is recommended to take pampering your shoes up a notch on the genuine leather areas by using shoe care products with a soft microfiber cloth to keep the leather clean, supple, and polished.

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